Tickets are available from

Bradford on Avon Tourist Information Centre

Adults £5 - Children £2.50 (5-17 years old) - Until October 31st

Some tickets available at the gate on the day - Adults £7 - Children £3 (5-17 years old)

The Bradford on Avon Fireworks Event Ticket Refund policy.

The Bradford on Avon Fireworks Event is a charitable event to raise funds for the towns three Schools, St Lawrence School, Fitzmaurice School and Christchurch School. If the event needs to be cancelled significant costs will still be incurred. If you feel able not to request a refund for your ticket it will help toward the payment of those costs and will be of benefit to the schools.
Should the event need to be cancelled for any reason. Our refund policy is as follows.
Refunds are limited to ticket face value only.
All tickets are numbered. Any duplicate numbers will be considered an attempt to defraud by one or other of the ticket presenters and as such refund will not be given subsequent to the first. No further discussion on the subject will be entered into.
Refunds will be available between 9.30 and 13.30 on the day following the event at The Beehive Field, Trowbridge Road.

Refunds not claimed within the time above will be deemed a charitable donation to the three schools.